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Recently, United Healthcare Community Plan has altered their coverage regulations. As a result, countless families in our community have been strapped with costly medical bills that include expensive medications, necessary medical services and crucial dental work.

Coverage for large hospitals, as well, has been rescinded. Establishments like NYU, which is frequented by our community members on a daily basis, will no longer be covered by United Healthcare. Large bills have been accrued by heimishe families in are community for services beyond the scope of their budget.

Our organization will help you solving the complex issue of reduced coverage. We at the Jewish Community HMO of Greater NY and NJ has stepped in to ease the transition of enrollment to alternate HMO plans. To date, we have successfully switched over 25,000 HMO Clients to other HMO plans that offer full coverage.

In order to maintain an influential say in the coverage policies that pertain to members of our community, we need to accrue a large number of policy holders.

For the sake of your family, switch today your United Community plan to a better HMO by contacting our offices by phone or email.

Our knowledgeable staff has received targeted training and is available to assist you with any coverage inquiries you may have. Together, we will ensure that you and your family benefit from maximum medical coverage b"h.

Respectfully, The Vaad of JCHMO

Please note:
While we process the removal from UnitedHealthcare Community Plan to your new HMO of choice, you can still use the government subsidized medical centers. All Subsided Centers are covered as well by the other HMO Providers, But must likely it will not be acceptable by your private medical practitioner, same with Family Pediatric doctors, & private specialists & urgent cares & private dental practices, and remember your medications may end up uncovered under United's plan.

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